Embedded Ethernet Essential Training with CubeMX

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Rafael Rosas
6 months ago

I had the same problem, the PHY address I think is preconfigured, you only have the option to select your PHY with LAN8724 IC, check the schematic in your manual, I think that IC handles the PHY address you have no access now, I figured it out and made it works.

6 months ago

Also the section on how to enable LWiP in middleware is also missing. I have to relay on other yutube videos to fill in the gaps.
Please let us know when the course is updated. Thank you for your effort.

6 months ago

There are missing sections in this course. like how to set the IP address.
Also they version of Cubemx is deferent from the one in the course. Please advise what solution we should take. or the correct order in which we should attempt to do these courses.

Ninsaw Gbati
9 months ago

Hello Wojciech,
We have just added the Ethernet HAL course to your account. That one does not rely on CubeMx. We shall be updating the CubeMX course soon.

9 months ago

Hi, could you help me with enroll to that course?
I don't know how.
I'm trying but still show me
"Enroll in course to unlock" and when I Press it show me back same page again.

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